Gulf Coast Music Association
Organized in 1974
Affiliated with the National and Texas Federations of Music Clubs

Dear Members,

Welcome to another new year for Gulf Coast Music Association (GCMA)! As part of your membership, we offer so many educational and inspiring events for you and your students to choose from: 

  • Gold Cup Festival (A Project of The National Federation of Music Clubs) includes -Solo, Ensemble, Hymns, Duets, Concertos, Lynn Freeman Olson music, Musicianship theory, Junior composer, Scholarships.  (March)
  • Autumn Artist (Fall) - held jointly with Bay Area Music Teachers Association (BAMTA)
  • Jazz/Pop (Fall)
  • Romantic/Sonatina – alternating years (Spring)
  • National Music Week Essay


GCMA was organized in 1974, and is affiliated with the National and Texas Federations of Music Clubs. Our high quality programs are focused to encourage teachers and their students to uphold a high musical standard through education and organization.

We are looking forward to your students participating in our festivals and scholarships.  For students to qualify to participate in any of these events a teacher must be a member in good standing i.e.: attendance at a minimum of 3 meetings (we are accountable to the state and national organizations for attendance) AND active participation in each of the events your students perform in.

The first three meetings of the year are very valuable information days:

  • September-- Yearbook information (includes: calendar of events/festivals, all registration forms, deadlines and fees, Autumn Artist Festival). 
  • October -- Autumn Artist, details of Jazz/Pop Festival
  • November -- Gold Cup Guidelines/Rules follow up, and a Q & A period. 
  • Subsequent meetings cover upcoming festivals, and workshops designed to provide continuing education for the teacher.

As an added note, each of these functions are run totally by our members, therefore, the success of them depends on 100% participation of all teachers entering students in each of these events. 

We look forward to seeing you at each of our meetings, and getting to know you.


Most Sincerely,

Joy Timmons                                                                          Sharon Stewart
Membership Chair                                                                   President
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